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Performance based on Machine learning 

Starting from 2020, our SP500 Strategy gives a gross return of


with an annualized Sharpe ratio of 2.31, compared to the SP500's gross return of 23.38%.

Market Signals generated by Artificial Intelligence


Hyde Park's in-house developed Artificial Intelligence platform uses Genetic Algorithms, an Evolutionary AI, and modern classifiers to extract intelligence from vast amounts of data, including proprietary data, to create Alpha.

Hyde Park's Artificial Intelligence Platform finds an optimum solution in a vast search space.

For example, in Hyde Park's S&P 500 strategy, the search space is over ~64,000,000^880, which at the speed of

 Frontier Supercomputer *  would take OVER 1000 years.

Hyde Park's AI can get an answer in about 1 hour!

The platform speeds up the search by

        a remarkable 430 million times. 

*The world's fastest computer

The signals can be used to trade futures, options, SPY, and leveraged ETFs.

About our AI

Developed by a world class team of scientists and mathematicians

Our founding team of scientists have worked together for over 15 years. One is a particle physicist, and One co-founder is a computer scientist with ELEVEN patents in artificial intelligence,

 another co-founder is a computational chemist who was a senior member of a team that developed KEM the most advanced FDA-tested Artificial Intelligence platform for cancer treatment. 

Trained on massive amounts of data

Utilizes thousands of hours of high-performance computation capacity to examine billions of scenarios over the past 10 years of data. 

The S&P Signal is informational only. It is based on information available when created - it is not an offer or solicitation, nor tax or legal advice. It does not consider your financial circumstances or investment objectives and may not be suitable for you. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. There is a possibility for loss as well as the potential for profit when investing.

"Scientia potentia est"

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